We are The new ifb


Based out of the United States and growing throughout the world the New IFB is a group of like minded believers who agree upon issues such as Hard Preaching, Soul Winning, KJV Only, Anti-worldliness, Anti-zionism, Post-trib Pre-wrath. 

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Church locations

Pastor Steven L. Anderson | Faithful Word Baptist Church | Tempe, Arizona 

Pastor Roger Jimenez | Verity Baptist Church | Sacramento, California

Pastor Donnie Romero | Stedfast Baptist Church | Fort Worth, Texas

Pastor David Berzins | Word of Truth Baptist Church | Prescott, Arizona

Pastor Manly Perry | Old Path Baptist Church | San Antonio, Texas

Pastor Jason Robinson | Mountain Baptist Church | Fairmont, West Virginia

Pastor Tommy McMurtry | Liberty Baptist Church | Rock Falls, Illinois

Pastor Joe Major | Faith Baptist Church | Violet, Louisiana

Brother Aaron Thompson | Verity Baptist Church | Vancouver, WA

Brother Adam Fannin | Stedfast Baptist Church | Jacksonville, FL

Pastor Logan Robertson | Pillar Baptist Church | Avondale, Auckland (Australia)

Pastor Michael Johnson | Temple Baptist Church | Jacksonville, NC

Bro. Bruce Mejia | Faithful Word Baptist Church (LA) | Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Grayson Fritts | All Scripture Baptist Church | Knoxville, TN


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